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Navarre is located in the Florida Panhandle of the Gulf of Mexico. This bedroom community is home to many US military personnel, federal civil servants, locals, retirees, and defense contractors. Navarre is an unincorporated, compact beach community just east of Pensacola at the far northwestern tip of Florida. The community has 12 miles of shoreline, and is situated between Gulf Islands National Seashore and Navarre Beach County Park. This lovely community has many homes for sale that would be perfect for what you are looking for!

Working with You to Sell Your Home in Navarre

As a real estate agent who grew up in a military family, I am very familiar with the needs of families that are required to move because they have received orders to do so. Navarre is full of families moving in and out, and I am here to serve them through the entire process.

For families that are selling a home, my obligation is to ensure that the process goes smoothly. I help my clients get the best price for their home in a timely manner. 

My job as your Navarre Real Estate agent is:

  1. Pricing Your Home Correctly – Pricing your home properly is my number one priority. I do this based on my training and up-to-date understanding of the Navarre market using comparable sales.
  2. Aggressive Marketing – Using a combination of MLS listings and social media, I promote your home with outstanding photographs, relentless exposure on the internet, and with other top-notch marketing materials.
  3. Communication – Sellers need to know what is going on with the sale of their home. It is my job to provide updates regarding feedback from showings and anything else of concern. I do not wait for an offer to stay in touch with my clients, as I believe communication is vital to the selling process.
  4. Ensuring That a Prospective Buyer is Qualified to BuyBuyers need to be pre-approved to make an offer. This means that the people making the offer have had their income and employment verified, along with available financial resources typical of a credit evaluation process, and that a lending institution has deemed them creditworthy.
  5. Negotiate the Best Terms As your agent, I go out of my way to negotiate the best terms and conditions for the sale of your home. What makes the most sense for my clients is what drives my negotiation. I know that everything in a Real Estate contract is negotiable. I use my negotiating skills to the benefit of my clients so that they receive the best possible offer.
  6. Attend the Home Inspection and the Appraisal These are two important aspects of my job as your realtor. As your agent, I attend the inspection of a client’s house to receive the feedback from the inspector first-hand. This allows me to know whether or not the buyer can ask for reasonable concessions. It allows me to keep things in perspective, and protect my clients from unreasonable requests. I also attend the home appraisal so that I can answer any questions the appraiser has, and offer feedback and answer questions when requested.
  7. Finalize Everything for Closing – It is my job to make sure that all the details are taken care of prior to closing. Loose ends like having the smoke and carbon monoxide detector certificates, final water and sewer readings, and anything else that needs done are all part of the service I provide my clients.

Working with Buyers Looking for a Home in Navarre Florida

As a Navarre realtor, I enjoy helping people find a home. When I work with people helping them to find the home that will best serve their needs. I offer the following services and so much more:

  1. Pre-approved is a critical first step for people looking to buy a house. The process allows you to understand how much you can spend, which is critical to looking at homes and neighborhoods within a your means.
  2. Finding the right home can be a tiring process. I make it as straightforward as possible by helping my clients match their dreams with what is available in their price range. One of my key responsibilities to my client is to clarify what they want, and find options that meet those specifications. I help my clients find the right location, and any other factors important to them, while staying within the guidelines of what they consider affordable.
  3. Negotiating an offer for my clients once we have found the home that’s right for you. I advise my clients on what the initial offer should be, and how to proceed once the seller responds. Negotiation skills set good realtors apart from exceptional realtors. Knowing the Navarre market well helps me to negotiate the best possible deals for my clients.
  4. Attending the home inspection is another part of my job. This allows me first hand knowledge of what the inspector finds. It helps me to verify the report that the inspector produces, and call attention to items important to my clients.
  5. Negotiating repairs indicated by the home inspection report is an important part of my service. Helping my clients to prioritize important repair issues is all part of the process.
  6. Lastly, my commitment to clients also includes communicating with the seller’s agent, monitoring your loan commitment, and ensuring that everything is ready for closing.

Whether working with sellers or buyers, my commitment to finalizing the best deal remains my main focus throughout the process. I am pleased to be able to offer you my expertise and local knowledge, which have made me a leading realtor in Navarre, Florida.

Whether you are looking to buy a home in Navarre or you have a home for sale in the area, contact me for professional services that will make your journey smoother, faster, and more successful.